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Political Correctness In Hollywood Running Amok? | Fox News

Bruce Rosenblum objectified Sophia Vergara on live #Emmys , scores of Twitter users wrote. Even Katie Couric posed the question, Did anyone find that shtick somewhat offensive? Others denounced it as an obvious exploitation of women. Also this week, BET suspended a producer for writing a joke, I really did wake up like this, because my parents never comb my hair, referring to Beyonce busted celebrities kim kardashian and Jay-Zs daughter Blue Ivy, who appeared on stage with her parents at the VMAs on Sunday. Stephen Hill, BETs president http://nuimbavk.blog.com of music programming and specials, promptly apologized via Twitter. Social media users have also been condemning Taylor Swifts new music video Shake it Off, saying it perpetuates racist stereotypes. The video shows Swift frolicking with a number of different dancers, from ballerinas to cheerleaders and b-boys. At one point she crawls under the twerking behinds of hip-hop dancers several of whom are black and laughs in amazement. Rapper Earl Sweatshirt took to Twitter to express his disdain, calling it inherently offensive and ultimately harmful. The videos director, Mark Romanek, defended the content, telling New York magazines Vulture section that they simply choose styles of dance that [they] thought would be popular and amusing, and that they cast the best dancers for the job without much regards to race or ethnicity. A Hollywood-based marketing and PR expert said social media outrage is prompting show business leaders to be more reactive than ever, because they fear constant backlash. Entertainers feel pressure to create content by consensus rather than their own ideas or values, which is a very stifling http://lonnytomf.sosblogs.com environment for creativity, said L.A-based pop culture writer and publicist, Jenn Hoffman.
Source: http://www.foxnews.com/entertainment/2014/08/29/political-correctness-in-hollywood-running-amok/

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