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Healthy Hollywood: Ana Ortiz Stays Fit With Her Kids - Yahoo News

PHOTOS: 'Devious Maids' -- Scenes From The Series Her kids like to get in on the action and Ana, a paid spokesperson for the Active Family Project , launched the Play Soccer for a Change campaign to encourage other families to be active together. "I get them into soccer class and they have a really, really fun time doing that, Ana said. Thats why this Active Family Project was such a good fit I found because [this is about] getting people together and showing people theres tools and resources to have fun together as a family. Ana doesnt let the healthy lifestyle stop there she even includes her kids in preparing healthy meals. My daughters a little older now -- shes 5 -- so she cooks with me, Ana said. When they see that they made it, theyre kim kardashian wedding so much see page more inclined to eat it because theyre like, 'I made this.'" PHOTOS: Hollywoods Hottest Moms & Their Loveable Little Ones Ana said this trick works even better on a busy morning. Especially something webblog like breakfast, which is so hard to get them to eat and its such an important meal because youre sending them off to a full day of school, she said. So [my daughter] scrambles up the eggs, or she cuts up the fruit, or, you know, she helps me stir the water into the oatmeal. Whatever it is, she gets really excited about it and then, shes much more inclined to eat it. Ana counts herself lucky that her little ones are adventurous eaters to begin with.
Source: http://news.yahoo.com/healthy-hollywood-ana-ortiz-stays-fit-her-kids-184627942.html

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