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Is John Galliano Back For Good? - Yahoo News

And, he has kim kardashian kris humphries never been one fat kim kardashian to shy away from grand presentations. His finale typically involved costumes such as pirates and astronauts and he consistently had a penchant for lavish period pieces on Diors runway. His aesthetic is a far cry from Margielas non-descript (and almost hidden) presence, though he has proven his ability to scale back and keep within a brands focus. new kim kardashian READ MORE Leo, the Beard Has to Go In his fifteen year stint at Dior, he never faltered in honoring the brands rich history, consistently re-inventing iconic pieces like the bar jacket each season with his own personal spin. When collaborating with Oscar de la Renta, the collection showed only subtle kim kardashian reggie bush hints of classic Galliano, and even then they could have appeared in de la Rentas designs without the alliance, as The Daily Beast reported last year. Its unclear whether or not Margiela will keep Galliano tightly within the guidelines of humble anonymity or allow him complete creative freedom to steer the brand into a new, more publicized era. The tide could shift either way.
Source: http://news.yahoo.com/john-galliano-back-good-094500465--politics.html

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