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Magic Mike Begins Filming In Savannah | Wjcl News

(WJCL) Hollywood is once again setting up the limelightin Savannah this week as crews begin filming the sequel to a major box office blockbuster. Filming began Monday for the sequel to Magic Mike. Crews were set up at certain parts of downtown Savannah for the first day of filming. Disruption to the public will visit be limited during the course of http://garciaywwg.postbit.com the filming because most of the scenes will be shot on private property. The city film office toldWJCL that the crew is expected to bring in roughly $13 million into Savannahs economy. Filming is expected to continue into kim kardashian movie November.
Source: http://wjcl.com/2014/09/29/magic-mike-filming-begins-in-savannah/

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